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Eaton Ankara manufactures high-quality, high-performance dry type distribution transformers for various applications. Compliant with specific and international standards, these transformers can be used above sea level and in marine environments. They can also be used under demanding operating conditions. It provides general environmental safety with non-flammable liquids, self-extinguishing material, non-toxic gas emissions, low noise levels and low electromagnetic emissions. Dry type distribution transformers are moisture-proof, making them suitable for operation in humid environments or where pollution is high. These transformers work in environments with over 95% humidity as well as at temperatures down to -25°C.


• DIN EN 50588-1

Advantages of dry type transformers

Health and safety

• Non-flammable and self-extinguishing.
• Resistant to moisture.
• Does not cause environmental pollution.
• Environmentally friendly insulation materials without halogen or nitrogen.

Functionality and cost

• Requires minimal maintenance (once a year).
• No risk of leaks.
• On-site maintenance and repair service.
• Can be installed very close to highly populated areas.
• Low operating and installation costs.
• Special safety measures not required thanks to self-extinguishing materials.

Life and durability

• Cooling can increase the nominal power of the transformer by 40%.
• Longer service life due to low partial discharge.
• High insulation levels provide resistance to short circuiting and lightning strikes.
• Performs better than oil type transformers in short-term overloads.
• High mechanical resistance against short circuit.

Dry type transformer areas of use

Dry type transformers can be used in a wide range of settings. They can be used in distribution systems, cogeneration systems, rectifier and traction applications.

• Internal and external transformer centers
• Industry and oil refineries
• Subways
• Oil platforms
• Energy production facilities
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Airports
• Shopping centers
• Wind farms
• Solar farms


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